Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No Air

So when it rains it POURS! We literally have no air conditioning in our house! UGH! (nope...that doesn't convey how I feel.) DOUBLE UGH! TRIPLE UGH! This is a new one for me! I have never had to go without air conditioning before! How blessed I am! So...I keep thinking about the pioneers. I think about what it must have been like pushing handcarts, riding in wagons, or walking through the dry and hot prairie in the sweltering heat. They are SO MUCH STRONGER than I'll ever be! Such faith and devotion! I want to be that strong! Well tonight, we are having a family slumber party downstairs on the hide-a-bed! It is just TOO hot upstairs! Mr. Man took the recliner, I and Luv Bug and Cuddle Bug are on the pull out bed and Snug-a-Bug wanted to sleep on the couch next to us. Miss Ladybug and Mr. Wiggle Bug are in side by side pac n' plays right by me. Mr. Man hooked up the whole sha-bang for us...2 portable fans (plus all the fans on in the house), a humidifier (for those of us suffocating with asthma), and an air purifier. (It turns out the air purifier was sucking all the cool air away from us, so we turned that off.) I filled big baggies with ice and gave one to each of the kiddo's to snuggle with tonight, and that is really helping them be more comfortable. Hopefully, tomorrow, the Mr. Fix-It guy will come fix everything with the air conditioner! That would be super chill! I am learning what a wimp I am, while slowly and simultaneously learning how blessed my life is! Heavenly Father truly does give us everything! And we take so much of it for granted!

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  1. I remember one time the same thing happening when I was younger and we went swimming in our pool in the middle of the night because we were so hot!