Monday, August 30, 2010

I Wonder... and a Hug-a-thon!

I came across a really fun idea, to add to our morning devotional, today! It's called I Wonder time. I am going to start with my oldest 3 kiddo's and see what kinds of things we can learn more about! Basically, once a week we will have I Wonder time, with our morning devotional, where we choose something that we have been wondering about, and we encourage each other to find out whatever we can, about our "I Wonder". Then on the following week, we share what we have learned, and choose something new to "Wonder" about! In particular, I really think Snug and Luv are ready for something like this, to just get the wheels in their minds turning a bit! It should make for some great discussions, especially since I will be sharing what I wonder about too! Talk about a great way, to share what's mine! I am excited to see how it goes! I am at that point of feeling like I need to inspire writing with Mr. Snug-a-Bug, as he's been "pretend writing" in his "planner" for a while now. He and I sat down a few weeks ago and talked about some things that he wants to know more about. We wrote them all down in a little planner that I had given him to play with. Well, today he let me know that he hasn't forgotten about that stuff and that "We haven't been doing what we planned on, Mom!" I am in such a delicate place with that, because we wrote down a lot of stuff! I don't want to bombard him with too much too fast, so I had decided that I would let him bring it up again, before I said anything more about it. Well, since he brought it up today, I figure we can start with I Wonder time, and let his love of learning go from there! I know he'll want to write down what he learns, so maybe this will inspire another tiny step in his transition to Love of Learning! I just don't know if I should encourage all of this, or try to get him to wait a little longer. So, to all my TJEd friends out there, who have walked this road before me (this is my first experience with transition to Love of Learning, and by the way, Mr. Snug is a little over 7 years old)...any suggestions for a smooth transition to Love of Learning and teaching him some of the basic things he needs to keep progressing, like writing, etc? I keep thinking that if I sit tight, he will really start to show how much he wants to learn more. I just don't know. I have watched him, to see what he likes to do with his free time. He likes to play with his toys, some of the time, but mostly wants to get out pencils and paper and draw or ask me how to spell words. What do you girls think??

We have been experiencing some contention in the mornings, lately. It hasn't been fun, and always gets our day off on the wrong start. So this morning, I instituted a Hug-a-thon with the kiddo's! I just LOVE it when my kids get excited about these things! When we woke up this morning, anytime someone started down the "Contention Super Highway", I just said "Oh, we can't go that way because we are having a Hug-a-thon today! It was funny to hear them all say "A what, mom?" Anyway, we got our morning basics done and went downstairs. When we got there, I told them to kneel down in a BIG circle and put their arms out to their sides. Then we all slowly walked our knees in toward the circle more, tightening it up, until we had our arms around each other. Well it was giggles and smiles all around, and from my spot in the circle, I could reach over and kiss each of their foreheads! It was truly fabulous! So we talked about how we should treat one another, and how we always want our words to be kind and loving to each other. Then we had family prayer, like we usually do, but decided to have one person start the prayer and then tap their neighbor when they were done praying. Then, their neighbor could pick up praying where they left off, and so on around the circle! It was a neat thing and everyone LOVED it! So we have officially decided, that every morning will be a Hug-a-thon! It sure set a good tone for our day!


  1. My two oldest are 8 and 7. My 8 year old loves to read and wants to write but wants it perfect the first time so she doesn't try too much. My 7 year old doesn't read yet but keeps telling me he wants to. I'm letting him beg more as he still mostly wants to play (we live in Alaska and don't have much nice outside weather left so I'm not pushing "school" really). But from the sound of it your boy might like getting started writing for real. He could write letters to family members, you could even set up a mailbox for him to use as an inspiration. Just a thought.

    I also wanted to say I love your Hug-a-thon idea! We always have contention and my way of dealing with it is not good. Old habits die hard and are so easy to fall into. I am TOTALY going to try this and see how our day goes today! Thanks for sharing, how I love to glean ideas from like minded mothers...who know. :)

  2. Awesome idea...the personal "Mailbox"! He will totally LOVE that! Thank you for your input! I am always excited to hear new ideas and ways of doing things! :0)

  3. Ranee, that is so sweet. What a perfect start to the day! Thank you so much for sharing this. It was really touching. I'm going to do this too. Thanks!

    We have had some serious trips on the "Contention Superhighway" lately, and it's just the pits! I'm trying to get back on track, but I think this will be just the boost we need. :)