Saturday, August 28, 2010

I LOVED this and wanted to share...

"Paradoxically, what I previously labeled "mindless" and once thought of as interruptions to spiritual growth are becoming the core of what makes my home feel sacred. As I cook meals,wash dishes, make beds, and sweep floors, I am continually in the midst of both teaching and being taught about charity, humility, hope, and faith. I am exchanging independence and "everyone seeking after their own" for a mutual dependence and unity in purpose that surely is related to Zion. I feel the sacredness in my home not only when it is clean, but also when we are in the process of getting it that way. Some days I don't even mind that we will go through the
process again the very next day. Much of my discouragement at home was due to a sense of failure I felt for not being able to artificially create sacredness there. How comforting it is to be released from that burden. With joy and gratitude I now realize I need only look for the way sacredness already surrounds me."

~ from My Home as a Temple, by Kristine Manwaring

I stumbled upon this article a couple days ago. (I found it as an attachment through a yahoo group called Mentoring Our Own.) I had seen it and I'd read a little bit of it before, but not in a long while. It really spoke to me, and some of the feelings of inadequacy that I have, about trying to balance everyday life, with heavenly things! How grateful I am, for the opportunity to endure to the end. Each day, I get to try again! I get to learn more, and I get the opportunity to teach it all to my children!

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