Friday, August 13, 2010

Hmmm....We might be on to something here.

After the visit with the Immunologist the other day, who told us that Ladybug's sleep meds could be causing the pain she's been having, we decided to stop giving her sleep meds. and see if her pain went away. Well, the pain hasn't gone away yet, but I do believe it's decreasing. And the best part?...the last 3 nights have been pretty good! It was such a special moment for me, as a mother, tonight, as I watched her start to doze off to sleep, minutes after I tucked her in. She said her hands hurt, but she hasn't been squeezing them and saying "Ow!", during the day, like she usually does. She's still sleeping! It's such a blessing! Here's praying that her sleep and pain will continue to improve and that we can get a handle on all of the issues she is dealing with!

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