Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gearing Up

Well, we have our Time Not Content schedule done, our Obedience Bugs system working, our Chore Certification charts being utilized, what else??? Well...today I am going to look at planning some short "Go-To" devotionals for our family, so that I don't have to fly by the seat of my pants so much, when it comes to giving a really great devotional, or spiritual thought, for our day. We will also focus more on studying our national book (The Book of Mormon), this year! I am also going to give some more thought to my course of study for this year, so that when I share what's "mine", it's really great information for our kiddo's! I am really excited about this! I have a broad spectrum of things I'd like to study, and I just need to narrow it down into a reasonable plan. We have been talking a lot about sewing and quilting, at our house, lately. Luv Bug wants to make a "rag doll", like the pioneers had, and Snug-a-Bug wants to make scripture bags for himself and his siblings. So we may have some fun and useful things up our sleeves, to sew this year! I have some inspiring to do, when it comes teaching Snug-A-Bug to read. He says he wants to learn, but doesn't ask for lessons very often, so I just need to read aloud to him, even more! I have found that if I just ask him, happily, if he would like a lesson, he is willing most times. If he doesn't want to, he doesn't have to, but I think that the idea slips his mind, sometimes, if I don't offer every once in a while. Luv Bug just might pass him up, on the reading thing, which is okay. I notice sometimes, that she inspires him to want to learn more! She has a real knack for it, and it doesn't come that easily for him. :) Another thing that I want to try to incorporate more this year, is music time! The children really do learn SO much through music! So, I think that maybe I will read Spiritual Lives of the Great Composers, and pass on some great pieces of information and music to them! As far as counting goes, cooking in the kitchen works really well for that! The kids LOVE to help and they learn lots of stuff without even realizing it! Snug-A-Bug got an abacus for his birthday, recently and has been inspired to understand what it's for and how to use it! Hooray for inspiration! It takes all the stress and guesswork out of life! We work hard, we play hard, and we learn a TON! I am SO excited to get geared up for this coming year!

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  1. Hey! CALL ME! My phone went crazy and I dont have your phone number anymore! I just got done with our Dr Appt and I want to chat with you about some things!!