Friday, August 13, 2010

A Beautiful Song

I stumbled upon this song tonight and just had to share it. Her name is Marie Digby. I haven't ever heard of her before, but she is amazingly talented and this song spoke to me. I was made fun of a lot, as a child and youth, for either being a "goody two shoes" or for having glasses or always trying to do what's right, or for befriending the lonely, down-trodden, made fun of kids. I wanted to be friends with everyone! Well...almost everyone! Mainly, I wanted to be friends with those who didn't have any friends and who were different or who had special needs or who no one ever talked to. I am not sure which of my high school years it was, that I went to the library every day during lunch because the few friends that I had, had lunch the hour after me. It wasn't fun. I remember being slightly afraid of a girl named Rebecca in my kindergarten class, but reaching out to be her friend anyway. Rebecca was bigger than me. Rebecca had a form of mental retardation (possibly Down Syndrome), and her boisterous personality was sometimes intimidating. She had hearing aids and talked loudly. Many kids stayed clear away from her. I wanted to be her friend. When she knew that I loved her, she became kinder to me. I had a boy in my science class in 7th grade, who wore glasses and was a little on the heavy side and who didn't wear the latest fashion. People made fun of him on a daily basis. He was a kind hearted kid. I remember one time that I came into class just as the bell was ringing, and because I didn't sit in my chair before the bell stopped ringing, I was given a tardy by the teacher. This was my third tardy to that class for the quarter (I think I had a long way across campus, to come) and as such I would have to serve time in ALC (basically, detention). I would have to serve time there on my birthday, no less. I laid my head down on my desk and cried. This boy, put his hand on my shoulder and tried to console me. It was heartfelt and sincere. As I went through my high school years, I noticed what the years of rejection, bullying and being made fun of, did to this boy. His outward appearance changed. He started wearing all black and growing his hair long, and hanging his head to the ground when he walked. I was still always nice to him, but the way he changed scared me, and so I stayed away from him. I think about him every now and then. I wonder if he's okay and how his life turned out. I hope it turned out great! I will never forget the lesson I learned, about how we should treat others, and I pray that we will all reach out to those that everyone else seems to forget. Those who seem invisible. How grateful I am, to be the mother of 5 precious sweethearts who are absolutely beautiful in every way. I am glad that we home school, and that I get to be the one to teach them how truly wonderful they are...just the way Heavenly Father made them! And also...I won't ever forget 17 sweet foster babies, out there in the world somewhere, who were ours, if only for a short while..."When our eyes can't see them, His eyes still can." No one is ever invisible.

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