Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back On Track

This week was the official start to our Season of Learning! ("School Year", doesn't begin to describe what I want this to be for our family!) So we got our closet organized really well, about a week ago! Our Learning Closet is a portable white shelving unit that has doors on the front of it. It sits in my kitchen, against a wall and has a cabinet lock on it, so it can be closed away when it's not time for Kidschool. I have a "school room" which always stays locked, that has more things for me to rotate in and out of our closet as I see fit. So far the kids LOVE it and look forward to learning time every day, where we have it open for 1 hour! They are starting to get excited about the other things in the closet, besides the Lincoln Logs, so we're making progress! I have just encouraged them to browse through the closet and really find out what's in there! It has been fun! Our Season of Learning hasn't really started off with a bang, but I have decided that's okay! To me, that means that our "summer break" was successful, in that the children didn't feel a big break from learning, hence the continued excitement about starting our new Season! I want them to know that learning is a continual thing! We have been trying to finish reading The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder, and will then continue through the remaining books in the series. We are also reading Island of The Blue Dolphins, for Family Reading Time, and will finish it soon! The kids are all super excited to get more outdoor playtime, as it starts to cool down! I am SO excited about that! I have some creative ideas up my sleeve for some great outdoor activities this fall! We had a great, impromptu, discussion about mission and virtue the other morning, as part of our devotional! Even Miss Ladybug was excited to participate in the conversation, a little! I want them to get a sense of that "something special" they were sent here to accomplish! It wasn't a big, earth shattering discussion, just a way for me to inspire them to think and dream! So far...we are back on track and excited for our new Season of Learning!

Side note: I went and volunteered myself to speak at a class for adults at the HIP Retreat (a retreat that our home school group is having) this year! Someone tell me what I was thinking! :0)LOL I HOPE that what I have to say, will be important to someone up there, and that it will inspire them! I just KNOW that I am going to learn so much more than I teach! I am also super excited to be teaching a class that will hopefully inspire and entertain Core and LoL kiddo's up there! The HIP Retreat is coming up soon and our whole family is WAY excited!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the well wishes.

    I've enjoyed reading through many of your posts. (I really liked the quote about learning how to dance in the rain. Thank you for sharing.) I will definitely keep you in my prayers.

    I'm glad that your new season of learning seems to be starting off well. You seem like a wonderful mother. Good luck with the next few weeks!