Tuesday, August 24, 2010

...And the hits just keep on comin'!

Ranee, here...coming to you live with even more great Mommy hits! We all love the oldies! Especially those that tell of the joys and journeys of motherhood. (Some of which get really old every now and then. The trials get old...never the kiddo's!) :0) Like the little ditty by The Night Owls called Lady's Up All Night! And who can forget the ever popular Tossin' Cookies In the Car (every car ride) by Poor Lady. I even love the ever popular duet I Don't Wanna' Eat by Lady and Wiggle! All of these chart topping hits can be yours if you belong to my family! (If ya' don't...boy are you missin' out!) :0) And if you order right now, I'll throw in the ever popular musical stylings of Miss Luv Thing. You know...songs like: I Went Outside to Play and There Was a Cat And It Wouldn't Leave Our Yard So I Had to Scare It Away and Then The Birds Came and Tried to Eat Our Grass and I Had to Scare Them Away Too! And also songs like Bless Us With Great Bodies or Brudders and Stisters. For just $1000.00 more, you can have the complete box set and get even more chart toppers like: Doctor's Make Me Crazy, Meds Drive Me Nuts and I Need Chocolate, by Rain. (How many of you know that my name is pronounced "Rainy"?) Just wondering! :0) If you have no idea what I am talking about, it's ALLLLLLLLLLLL good! A little crazy every now and then, never hurt anybody! If you do, well then....this is nothing new! :0) I am just one of those people who has a life that calls for strong emotions every now and then. Basically, I can laugh or I can cry! I would just rather laugh! (Most of the time!) Love to my Peeps! (Miss Britney, Miss Julia, Miss Heather, and all the others that ride the crazy train with me!) Woot Woot! :0)

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