Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wow...What a Mission!

I have been pondering my mission, lately, as I have been filling out my 6 mo. Compass. (I hope my friend Celeste won't mind me linking to her blog, here. This is such great information!) The Compass, is a self-initiated, 6 month plan for my education, where I have listed observations about myself, in the following areas:

* My Strengths
* My Top 5 Personals Classics
* Areas I Need to Strengthen
* Skills I Want/Need to Learn
* Books I Want to Read
* My Mission

I have sat down, many times, and have done some real soul searching, about what my mission is in this life. Every time I have pondered this ever important question, it always comes down to one, main thing...PARENTING. Up until now, when I would come to that conclusion...I would continue on searching, with the thought "But, there MUST be more than that!" I know many other people who have a clear idea of their missions in this life, and many of them involve something more than being a parent. I myself, have a few talents, which I will say, I am pretty good at. I write poetry, I dance (not as much as I used to, but there is still much I can offer. Tap is my ultimate favorite, and I grew up competing, performing and teaching.), I am an all-around creative girl, and I ADORE the foster care community, and am still in a position of influence there. (I facilitate a foster parent support group, in my community, once a month.) In essence, I have been putting a bit of pressure on myself, to be MORE than my Father in Heaven needs/wants me to be. (Does anyone besides me, sense that I have been trying to "keep up with the Jones', a little bit? LOL) Umm...yeah! :) Well, I read a few things yesterday, that have helped me understand my mission more fully! Nicholeen Peck has inspired me, yet again! I remembered, that at her seminar (which I attended a while ago), she mentioned something she calls a "Master Mission." You've got to check out her book here. All parents have a "Master Mission." A "Master Mission", combines these 8, individual missions:

1. Feed the Hungry
2. Clothe the Naked
3. Heal the Sick
4. Comfort the Lonely
5. Teach the Ignorant
6. Liberate the Captive
7. Create Beauty
8. Preach the Gospel

All I have ever wanted to be in my life, is a wife and a mother. And those 2 things are, in fact, the MOST important things I could be doing in my life!! If ever I feel overwhelmed, (Who? Me? Never!), it's okay. :) I have 8 reasons to be overwhelmed sometimes! (Technically, if you think about it, I have 40 reasons to be overwhelmed. I am doing all 8 things for 5 children...who I adore, by the way!) LOL But, here's the really great part! I have a personal Savior, even Jesus Christ, who will never leave me alone with this awesome responsibility. In fact, He has given me a wonderful husband, who is a wonderful father to our children! Where much is given, much is required...and I have been given SO much! My family is pretty special! I am surrounded by some of my Heavenly Father's most valiant spirits! So in the end, if all I ever do in this life, is to feed, clothe, heal, comfort, teach, liberate, create beauty and preach the gospel...I am okay with that! :) And if my children learn to do those things, then my mission is accomplished! I have learned that I have the power to influence generations...through them! That's one pretty sweet mission! Wow! :0)

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