Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sharing Our Plan

I have had a few requests to share our "Structure Time Not Content" schedule, and also our Obedience Bugs chart and our Chore Certificates. Suffice it to say, that my computer is being temperamental today and for whatever reason, won't let me upload them here. So I will describe these forms and charts to you. First off, let me just say that I went into the "documents" section of my Microsoft Word system in my computer, where I create every chart or system that I need for my family. I have used some of the templates that have been shared by other people, but many times I make my own. The "Add a Table" feature in MS Word, is one I use a lot. (And by the way, I have created a "TJEd Stuff" file, where I keep all of my charts, schedules, forms, quotes to memorize, copies of things that I find on the internet to download and help us in our studies, etc. I really recommend you keep everything in one place.)

Chore Certificates- I made a grid or "table" with 10 boxes across and 8 boxes down, for a total of 80 boxes. (So far, I have about 75 chores on the chart.) At the top, it says "Chore Certificate for_______. Add in the child's name. In each box, I have typed in a chore, skill or duty that I would like my children to learn as they grow. (Color Coded by subject or area of the home.) These chores, skills or duties are as follows.

Morning and Eve. Prayers Tidy Room Groomed, Dressed, Teeth Brushed
De-Clutter Bathroom Clean Bathroom Sink and Mirror Clean Tub Clean Toilet

Rinse Dishes Wash Dishes Load Dishwasher Unload Dishwasher Clear Table
Wipe and Polish Table Sweep Floor Spot Mop Floor Mop Floor
Wipe Down Counters Wipe Down Cupboards Wipe Down Oven Snack Prep
Cold Meal Prep Hot Meal Prep Baking w/Mom Follow Recipe
Clean Fridge Organize Drawers Organize Cupboards

Sort Laundry Fold and Put Away Laundry Load Washer Load Dryer
Wipe Down Washer and Dryer Bring Laundry Baskets up/down stairs

Self Care Grooming (these are for learning to care for their own skin, nails, hair, etc.)

Unload Groceries Wipe Down Pantry and Shelves Organize Canned Food Grocery List Prep
Help w/ shopping

Help plan FHE Memorize A of F (articles of faith) Scripture Mastery Read w/Parent
Write w/ Parent Learn Primary Songs Learn Hymns Personal Scripture Study

Tidy Backyard Pick Weeds Work in Garden Sweep Porches (front and back)
Spray Off Porches (front and back) Mow Lawn Rake Rocks

To Go Routine (everything to do before we go somewhere) Answer Phone Take a Message
Tidy Garage Deep Clean Fridge Clean Out Van Church Duties Keep Commitments Babysitting Lead Music Play Piano Play Guitar Public Speaking (obviously, this is our Misc. section)

The children receive a sticker in the box of each chore they have been "certified" in. This gives them that sense of accomplishment, while also helping me to remember which child needs to be taught how to do what. Another purpose of this chart will be to stave off any complaints of "I don't know how to do it!" Their chart will prove otherwise, and as parents, we will have a positive response to that complaint..."Look at your Chore Certificate! It says that you are an official and certified "Bed Maker", etc.!

Time Not Content Schedule-
Here, you will have to picture a simple schedule format, which we found as a template that someone had shared on MS Word (where you can click on "New Document"...instead, search through "schedules" down the left hand side and find one that will work for you. If you don't have MS Word, I am sure you can find something similar or create your own.) :) We have 4 categories listed on our schedule, and while it sounds complicated, it's very simple. We wanted a place to see a "basic" schedule that applies to every day (obviously, there will be little changes here and there), and we wanted to see our Weekly Schedule, and also a Morning Kidschool List and a list of topics to choose from for our Weekly Couples Gospel Study. So here's our schedule:

6 a.m. Mom up, prayers, scriptures, grooming, tidy room, etc. (Kids also up on Weds. due to early therapy)

6:30 a.m. (Flush lines, and un-hook feeds for babes)

7 a.m. Kids Morning Routine (prayers, beds, teeth, dressed--Baths if needed)

(7 :30 a.m.--Breakfast for kids on Weds.)

8 a.m. Breakfast/Clean Up/ Morning Meds./Life Skills (On Weds. Therapy Begins)

9 a.m. Kidschool (this is where our Morning Kidschool List comes in as follows: Prayer, Pledge, Song, Scripture, Devotional, Shout Out/Motto. These things are listed in a small box off the right side of our basic schedule.)

10 a.m. Family Work til' Noon (lunch time) (on Weds. til' 11:30- lunchtime due to more therapy)

12:30 p.m. Nap time for the Babes/ Quiet Time for 7 and 5 1/2 yr. olds)

1:30 Free Time Begins and lasts til' 4:30 p.m. (or starting at 2:30 when therapy ends on Wed.)

4:30 p.m. Dinner Prep for Kids (quick clean, wash hands, set table)

5 p.m. Dinner/Clean Up

6 p.m. Unstructured Family Time for 30 min.

6:30 p.m. Family Reading Time (30 min.) if on Friday--Family Game Time for 1 hour

7 p.m. Bedtime Routine: Obedience Bugs (affectionately called Bugs and Kisses at our house, since they get a Hershey Kiss if they earned their bug for the day), Hoorays (we take turns cheering each other on for jobs well done that day), Beans (add more beans to our Bean Counter jar), Prayer, Scriptures, Brush Teeth, Jammies, Med.'s, Tuck In

7:45 p.m. Hook up babes to feeding pumps (tube feeds to start no later than 8 p.m.)

On Weds. evenings after babes feeds are hooked up, we will have Couples Gospel Study for 30 min. (This is listed in a box on the right side of our basic schedule) Gospel Study Topics include:

Faith Charity Joy Nature of God Atonement of Christ Sacrifice Service Obedience Fasting and Prayer Baptism Sacrament Repentence Creation Exaltation Free Agency Gratitude Immortality and Eternal Life Forgiveness Grace Happiness Inspiration Justice and Mercy Love Light of Christ Marriage Reverence Worship Zion

Our Weekly Schedule is a list of things that need to occur on specific days of every week. For example:

Sunday: Church from ___ to___. FEC from 4-4:30 p.m. Mentor Sessions (5-10 min./child) One hour total...til' 5:30 p.m.

Monday: FHE 6-6:30 p.m.

Tues., Weds., Thurs.: Family Reading Time 6-6:30 p.m.

Friday: Family Game Night 6-7:30 p.m.

Saturday: Date Night from ____to ____.

Obedience Bugs Chart

Create a Grid with enough boxes down the left side, for each child in your family, and 3 boxes to the side of each. This will give you a box down the side, for each child's name, and three boxes NEXT to each child's name, enough to allow for three strikes for each child. I created the strikes to look like the symbol from the title of the movie "Ghostbuster's"...a circle with a diagonal line through the middle. You could really use whatever shape you wanted to. On MS Word, there's a place to "insert shape", where I just placed enough on one piece of paper, so that everyone has their own. The important part, is that each child be assigned their own color of strikes, to match the color of their name down the side. This way, it's easy to see from across the room, if you need to remind a child to check and see how many "strikes" they have. This helps in our family a lot! Sometimes, a glance at the chart is all it takes to turn a child's behavior around. So the idea of course, is three strikes and you're out...or three strikes and then you lose your Obedience Bug for the day. (see post titled Priority Review, for more info.) We laminated our chart and the strikes...cut the strikes out, applied sticky-back magnet to each box and each strike, and created a paper strip with magnet on it, to store strikes that haven't been given. It hangs on the wall in our kitchen, which can be seen from our living room. Viola! It is working great for our family! When the kids earn their Bugs and Kisses at the end of the day, they choose which color cotton puff "Bug" they want and put it into a ziplock bag. (Eventually, I'd like to have small, plastic jars for each of them to keep their bugs in.) On Saturday evenings, we count their bugs and if they have collected 7, then they get to choose a "Great Reward"...a small candy bar or other treat.

If I can get my computer to cooperate later today, I will share these items with you! Until then, I hope these descriptions help you see in your mind's eye, what the plan is! :D)


  1. You are so on the ball! I love hearing how other people organize their lives. It gives us all some great ideas. Thank you!

  2. This is wonderful! I love the idea of the sticker to show they are certified in a certain job. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas.

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! Thank you for taking the time to so clearly outline, detail and share your plan!! I am inspired to incorporate the certification process as well!