Friday, July 9, 2010

Priority Review

Today is one of those days when I just have to stop and breathe! Life happens all too quickly, and before ya' know it, priorities start to slip from their ever important place on the list of all the other "Ever Important To-Do's". is the day we will do a "priority inventory" and put things in their proper place again. Family Executive Council (or Committee) is SO important! Why is it, that the FEC is one of the things that I keep having to put back on top of my priority list?! They say that if you do something 15 times in a row, that it becomes a habit. We can't seem to have an FEC even 2 times in a row--Ugh! The idea of planning for life, (you it doesn't just happen to you) is brilliant! I just wish it stayed the way you planned! So, today I am determined to put things in their proper place and try, try again! Up for review:

* FEC (We like to call it a family executive council) We need to put this into habit.

* Our 3 month Family Planning System (for planning goals and making them happen) We need to review this and see what we've accomplished and what is left to work on!

* Regular study of our Central Classic- The Book of Mormon (it's not happening regularly)

* Kidschool (We need to structure our time even better)

* Job Training (or chore training) is actually going quite well. It's time to move on to some more job training!

The great news is that we have come up with 2 new things that are helping with praising and obedience in our family! The first one is the Bean Counter Game. We have a large pickle jar and a gallon ziplock bag of pinto beans. We have been having fun awarding beans for great behavior, great acts of service, silly fun, memorizing articles of faith, scriptures or songs, and everything in between! I love it because it reminds us to focus on the positive things we all say and do! It's working really well! The second thing we have created, is a system for rewarding obedience, that we call Obedience Bugs. ( This idea originated from an idea my friend Nanette uses with her family. We just tweaked it to fit the needs of our family, and made it our own. Thanks for inspiring me, Nanette!) We bought some multi-colored craft cotton balls and the kids each have their own container with their name on it. If they are obedient for the day, then they can earn an Obedience Bug and a Hug or a Kiss (Hershey's). Obviously, there are 7 possible Bugs for the week. If they struggle through the day, and are not obeying well, they earn a Strike. Once they get 3 strikes for the day, they lose their Obedience Bug and their Hershey candy for that day. (We will have a little board where we keep track of strikes for the day.) If they lose even one of their obedience bugs, they forfeit the "Great Reward" (their choice of one thing chosen out of a treat bag) that is given at the end of each week. BUT they still have the opportunity to earn a Hershey Hug or Kiss on a daily basis for the rest of the days in the week. We thought about basing the "Great Reward" on one day at a time instead of a full week, but decided that our main goal is to inspire our children to be obedient every day in order to earn a "Great Reward". Throughout the day, when one of the children is struggling to be obedient, I can remind them to look at their Strike Chart to see how close they are to losing their Obedience Bug for the day. We will officially start this on Sunday, since it's the beginning of a new week. I will keep you posted about this works out for our family!


  1. Love it!!! I knew you'd find a creative and fun perspective to support your family!! Let me encourage you to keep the focus on the positive rather than the negative. I'd suggest that throughout the day your feedback and comments for your family would be about "Look at all clean strike boards", or "Look at all the bugs that get hugs and kisses today" RATHER than pointing out how many strikes have been earned. This method of inspiring good behavior and right choices seems to be WAY more effective for us than consistently pointing out the poor choices being made. Focus on that which you desire!!! One last thought, your game would be so useful with the knowledge of Love Languages in this way...if you notice a child getting a strike (and especially more than 1) pause and consider their "Love Tank". What is their Love Language, and are you keeping their tank full. Gary Chapman suggests that the main reason children act out is that a basic need is not being met in a way they can receive. Rainy, you continue to have SUCH great ideas, and always Inspiring plans!! You are SUCH an amazing woman/mother, thank you for the example!

  2. Okay, so do you love that I just spelled your name Rainy? Please forgive my fast fingers, Ranee!! Warm Fuzzies!!

  3. Awesome input, Nanette! I SO need to read The Five Love Languages of Children (and all of the other ones, too!) :D)