Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our Love Is a Circle

Yesterday we had a really fun Family Home Evening together! Our lesson was about family unity. The kids really seemed to enjoy the lesson and understand it. We looked at lots of different pictures of various kinds of families, and we talked about what the children observed about each family, and about what makes a family. Then I asked them to notice how closely the members of each family stood together, in each family photo. We talked about "sticking together" and being on the same team, then to illustrate this point, we made a paper chain, that had little, colorful people to represent each member of our family. We put the paper chain together, into one, big circle, and I asked the children for suggestions of things that will keep us together. They suggested: kindness, obedience, love, and faith and we wrote those words on the chain links. So hanging up on the wall in our kitchen, is a paper chain with little, brightly colored people on it. It's there to remind us of the beauty of our family, that we are all on the same team, and that our goal is to be a family, together, forever! :D)

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