Friday, July 30, 2010

Observing Tender Mercies

" look like an egg today!" These were the words of Luv Bug this morning. It really only threw me for a loop, for just a moment. It didn't take me long to realize that she was referring to the yellow and white striped shirt I am wearing today. I replied, "You're right! I do kinda' look like a fried egg, don't I?" She smiled in agreement. It was a great little conversation. You for the book of "Things I Never Thought Someone Would Say To Me". HEE HEE She cracks me up CONSTANTLY! I am ever grateful for Luv Bug's ability to entertain and tell it like it is! She IS her mother's daughter! Just like me, in every way! We (myself and the 5 kiddo's), all piled into the van today, for 2 appointments for Wiggle Bug. He had a weight check today (he didn't gain but he didn't lose either, so I'll take it), and an appointment to pick up his new "Super Shoes" (leg braces). I am happy to say the children were very well behaved today, as they usually are, and that the day went well. We met a wonderful lady named Max, at the orthotist's office. She instantly loved and adored the children and played with them and held them. Such a sweet person! I like meeting people like her! She spoke so kindly to me and the children, and in a way, was a reminder from my Heavenly Father, that He thinks I am doing okay. Just like the lady I saw walking by my house as I left yesterday. She was pushing a FOUR SEAT STROLLER (just like I do, sometimes.) I stopped as I drove by her, to tell her that I have one too, and to ask her if she lives nearby. She lives in a different part of our neighborhood. I told her that I have 5 sweet babies, and asked how many she has. She said "I have SIX!" Sweet! (She was very nice, and we visited for a second, and then went on our way.) I took that, as a reminder of our Father in Heaven's sense of humor, and of His firm belief that I am NOT crazy! :0) LOL These are what I call tender mercies from the Lord. As I drove away, I whispered a prayer of gratitude and told Him that I got His message! I really believe that Heavenly Father speaks to us in small, subtle ways. We just have to be observant of His tender mercies! They are there! :D)

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