Monday, July 19, 2010

I am truly honored

Every so often, I check in on "My Blogs", a list of a few awesome blogs that renew my spirit, inspire me and keep me going. What an honor it was today, to find that I have received a Blogger Award from a truly amazing gal! I highly recommend that you check out her blog! I have learned some great ideas for our family here, and I have received so much encouragement from her. Thank you, Karen for thinking of me and for your wisdom, friendship and love! So as part of my "acceptance speech", I am to write 7 things about myself, to share with you, as well as list some of my favorite blogs that I will give a Blogger Award to.

1. I grew up dancing, competing and performing. I took dance at my aunt's dance studio and loved it. My favorite is tap, and I even used to teach lessons. I also used to teach country dance lessons and loved that too! I have thought about maybe starting a little dance class on my back porch or something, if the interest is ever there. My favorite place to dance though, is still in the living room with my husband and kids, gettin' down and being silly!

2. I write poetry. I wrote my first poem when I was 9 years old, in third grade, about Christmas. I have dreams of becoming a published poet, someday, which would be pretty great! I will share a short poem, here. I wrote this poem when I was a Beehive advisor in young women's. I wrote it to go along with a lesson about prayer.

Invitation to Pray

In a land called Hurry, there lived a fair maiden;
Whose life was so busy, with chores she was laden.
Each day would begin just the same as the last,
She'd jump out of bed and right into her tasks;
With no thought of her Father who watched from above
with His arms full of blessings to give her with love.
Trough her day she would carry the stress of days gone,
Too concerned with herself to help others go on.

In the hours of dusk at the hurried day's end,
she came in from the world really needing a friend.
But too tired from rushing about here and there,
she went off to bed without even a care.
As she woke the next morning to start her routine,
she noticed something she'd not before seen.
A beautiful scroll in the shade of pure gold.
It was tied with a ribbon of red, bright and bold.
As she read what it said she fell straight to her knees;
An invitation to pray from the King of all Kings!

As she spoke with her Father of wonderful things,
she felt joy that only a quiet prayer brings.
Now each day in the morning, she kneels before standing,
seeking wisdom and knowledge and great understanding.
At night she prays too, thanking Him for her day,
and excited to hear what her Father will say.

Copyright Ranee Hansen 2004 Please do not copy or use without permission

3. My great grandmother has always referred to herself as a "kitchen table architect", and I like to think that I have received some of her wisdom. I am a pretty creative girl, and love coming up with new ideas to make life fun and easy! I like giving gifts that are homemade or that I have put together, for others.

4. I absolutely ADORE my and husband my children! They are amazing and wonderful and so strong! My kids are my heroes and my hubby is my knight in shining armor. If I am smart, I will try to soak up every bit of wisdom and love that they have for me! I am so blessed to call them mine!

5. I have a secret "bucket list" (you know, stuff ya' wanna' do before you kick the bucket), that includes things like: take a cake decorating class, take a painting class, visit Nauvoo and take the whole tour ( Mr. Man went on his mission to Illinois, so he would be the perfect tour he's HOT! Did I just say that??? Yep, I did!), learn to sew and quilt better than what my "kitchen table architect" skills allow, become a chef or baker, etc.

6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hilary Weeks ! Her music is so uplifting and inspiring and I sing it at the top of my lungs in the bath or when I am home by myself. She has a qwerky side to her too, which is so fun! I once saw a video of her singing a song to the tune of "My Favorite Things", where she just kept listing "Naptime, and bedtime, and naptime, and bedtime" over and over again! It was great! I also LOVE Cherie Call! My 2 favorite songs of hers are "Delivery" (I think of Cuddle Bugs birth mother) and Prayers in a Car. (Oh, and also Family Tree, and a song entitled No. Seriously...WAY GOOD!)

7. I am SO grateful that I have a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ! I have known from a very young age, that the gospel is true! I am grateful that Heavenly Father has allowed me to have a personal relationship with Him, so much so, that I always feel like He is listening only to me! Sometimes I talk to Him, when I am driving home from somewhere by myself. (see Cherie Call, above) (Eyes open, of course). I know He hears my prayers and sometimes I picture Him cracking up at all the zany ways of Ranee. I am confident the Heavenly Father has the BEST sense of humor, EVER! I am ever grateful for my life, as hard as it is sometimes, and for the joy and the learning and the movement of it all. With a life like mine, I am definitely not standing still. I just keep striving to stay on His path!

So here are some of my very favorite blogs to read! (There are SO many more!) Check them out!

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So, you blog authors get to pass this along to some of the blogs you love - here are the Steps:
Step 1: Thank the person who gave this to you
Step 2: Write 7 things about yourself
Step 3: Pass this along to some of the blogs you love

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  1. Thank you, Ranee. I, too am honored!!