Friday, July 2, 2010

A dream

Cuddle Bug came to me this morning (he's 4) and said "Mom, I had a dream!" I said "That's great! What did you dream about?" He said "A brown girl!" (Being a trans-racial family, we talk a lot about how cool it is to be brown!) I said "Really?" He said "Yeah, I gonna' marry her!" (Have I mentioned how much I love this kid?) Then I asked him if he knows her name. He said "She doesn't have a name." (When he plays with his toys, and uses his imagination, he doesn't name them.) Instead he says what he then said this morning..."You have to name her, Mom!" So then I asked what she looked like. He said "Brown! Yeah, I saw a brown girl that's brown and I gonna' marry her! I want to call her something...hers name is Brownie!" You can't beat that...dreaming about the girl you're going to marry, and then naming her after the most delectable treat on the planet! I can't wait to meet her...SOMEDAY! I am sure she's a real sweetie! :D)

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