Saturday, July 10, 2010

Can you imagine....?

I am still reading The Work and The Glory series. I am almost halfway into #7. In this volume, the saints leave (or are preparing to leave) Nauvoo and the beautiful temple that they constructed there. Pete and I have had some great discussions about church history and the events that took place, but mostly, we have been talking a lot about what it must have been like, on an everyday basis, to walk in their shoes. Can you imagine giving birth to a baby, in the back of a wagon or inside a tent, in the middle of nowhere? I can't. Can you imagine dealing with cloth diapers, out on the prairie? I can't. Can you imagine the conditions on the trail, when people became sick with dysentary, cholera, or even a cold. Nope, me neither. I can't imagine what it must have been like, to be some of the first saints to leave Nauvoo, knowing that at least there was a party who had gone ahead to prepare bridges and make the trip a bit easier, only to find that one particular advanced party kept pushing forward without even stopping to make the way easier for others. Wagons were getting stuck in the thick mud, on a daily basis. Axles were breaking, wagon tongues were breaking, animals were tiring and food was growing scarce. I honor and revere these brave saints for their amazing faith and diligence, to press forward and endure to the end of each back-breaking and overwhelming day. One of the things that I have enjoyed the most about reading this wonderful series by Gerald N. Lund, is the reviews at the end of each chapter, telling you which things really happened and which things are fictitious. I am learning SO much! It's easy for me to feel like life is hard...UNTIL I read about the early saints of the church. I am grateful for the eternal perspective we have as followers of Christ, and for the perspective we can find through His gospel. I am grateful that I only have to imagine what the saints went through. I am pretty sure that I would have been guilty of murmuring the whole way! I am inspired by their example and I am inspired to know that though our journeys are very different, our cause is one in the same. The gospel of Jesus Christ is worth every trial and heartache, every sorrow and every challenge we face. After all, He never said it would be easy; He only said it would be worth it. After the trial of our faith, then come the blessings! So the word FAITH, has been written on my heart this week, for I long to hear my Savior say "Well done, thou good and faithful servant!"


  1. Hey Ranee,

    Have you ever heard that quote that says something about the early saints will bow to us and honor those of our day? I've always thought that was strange because - hello!! - their life was so hard. But just the other day I had the thought that maybe I understood what that quote is talking about. Even through all those hardships they had each other. They had their immediate family and extended families and nieghbors around all pulling together. So often our husbands (or at least mine) are gone the majority of the time working and it just us at home with our kids - without a break!!! Even with all of our technology and time saving devices we still don't have time for our children like they did. Those families knew hoe to work together. Back then there weren't so many distractions as today - they knew where they were going and they got there. How many of us actually get "there" - or are we distraced on the way with all of the things - a lot of them good things - that are taking our time. Anyway, I wouldn't want to trade places with them but I don't think they'd want to change places with us either. Interesting huh? I've often wondered if my faith is strong enough - as strong as the pioneers - to make it through the hardships that wil come our way.

    Carrie Ü

  2. So true, Carrie! I had actually heard of a quote about something like that! It is truly amazing to me! They are my heroes! I am sure that we will be heroes to them as well! (Especially to those whose work we are able to do in the Temple!) :) The trials they suffered and the trials we face are very different from each other and I think we have our strengths in different areas. Theirs were more physical and ours are more spiritual. They definitely didn't have the distractions that we have today...that's for sure! :) I will be excited to meet them someday! :)