Monday, July 12, 2010


Saturday afternoon, while all of the other children were napping, Snug-a-Bug (my 7 yr. old son) and I started talking again about journals. I had told him before, that most of the great information we have about our ancestors, has come from journals written by themselves or others. He then asked me if he could have a journal. (He has asked a couple of times before.) So we found a trusty notebook and a pencil and he started telling me what he wanted to say and asking me how to spell words. A little later Luv Bug and Cuddle Bug woke up and asked for "journals" of their own, so out came 2 more notebooks and pencils. I was happily surprised when they each participated in this journal activity for a FULL HOUR, at their own choice. They sat at the table today for about 45 minutes, "journaling". Snug-a-Bug is asking questions like "Hey Mom...what's is the date today?" He writes down things like "Today we are going to Costco", or "I like big trucks!" Luv Bug has turned her journal into a book of pictures with great stories behind them, which she likes to narrate to us. On Sunday, she showed me a detailed picture she had drawn and told Pete and I a story, which we affectionately refer to as the "Never Ending Story". It just kept going and going and going! I have to remind her to take a breath every now and then (literally), so that she doesn't run out of air in the middle of what she is saying. :) Cuddle Bug has been very intrigued with saying the letters in his name. I am so excited about this, because he is starting to recognize the letters in his name, and that together they make a word, a basis for good reading skills in the future. So, the kids have each had an awakening about learning this week! As a parent, it makes my heart happy, to know that if I teach and exemplify correct principles in my own education, they will slowly catch the vision for themselves! It may last for a few days or maybe more, but that is the beauty of a home taught leadership education. The journey is theirs to pursue at the pace that they set for themselves. And I get to watch it all happen, right before my eyes!


  1. I love this Ranee. What a wonderful example of inpiring! I had a similar experience yesterday when I asked my sister-in-law to draw a cat. Tha kids started watching and then pretty soon everyone had papers and pencils and were working on drawing their own pictures. The concept is profound.

  2. Thank you, Karen! I receive SO much inspiration from you, too! :D)