Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gospel Learning

I am SO enjoying the things that I have been learning about the gospel, lately! Thanks to Pete finding some completely AWESOME books at Deseret Industries recently, we have established a really great gospel library! It's so fun to sit and read stories about the lives of some of our modern day prophets and also the wonderful women they were married to! I am in awe at the sacrifices of these valiant saints who came before me. They were so brave and strong and valiant! The Work and The Glory series, has me totally mesmerized! I can't believe that I haven't read them til' now! I am learning SO much about the early days of the church! I have read the first three volumes, in about 4 days. And now, I am forced to wait until I can find a copy of volumes 4 and 6, before I can continue on this awesome journey! I plan to find them this weekend! Wish me luck! :D)

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