Friday, May 7, 2010

A Thought from Les Miserables

"...each of our passions, even love, has a stomach that must not be overloaded. We must in everything write the word finis in time; we must restrain ourselves when it becomes urgent; we must draw the bolt on the appetite, play a fantasia on the violin, then break the strings with our own hand. The wise man is he who knows when and how to stop."

I found this quote to be rather intersting. We have all heard that we should bridle our appetites and passions. This quote caused me to think about those things in a different way. There really can be too much of a good thing, in some instances. The wise man is he who masters self control, and in so doing, finds that his joy for things is increased a hundred fold, when he learns to restrain himself enough from something, to truly appreciate it when he does partake. I have thought a lot about desensitization lately. Weird, I know, but the thoughts I have had, have been that there is so much more beauty and joy in life, when we don't drown it out. We can become desensitized to the evil around us, and we can become desensitized to the beauty around us as well. The famous quote "Stop and smell the roses", comes to mind. I have really come to understand more about the sneaky tactics of Satan. One of his goals is to get us really sidetracked from the truly worthy demands on our time, so that we waste it on "stuff". The world is ever increasingly becoming more about "stuff and fluff" and nonsense. Even to the point of trying to make those of us who choose better, feel like we are the "weird" ones for not filling our lives to the brim, with what everyone else is doing. I am grateful to understand that I have a mission in life. I don't completely know how it will look or everything I must do, but I know that there is something great that I am meant to do. I am grateful to be learning little lessons here and there, that help me to remember the path I am on and some of the steps I need to take to keep me on that path. I am grateful for little thoughts that pop out from a book I am reading, that speak truth to my mind and heart! Just thought I'd share what I am learning today! :D)

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