Friday, May 14, 2010

Planning for the Ideal

I have been thinking a lot, about being a wife and a mother! Each night before I go to bed, the day re-plays in my mind. Was it a good day? Was it a bad day? How was my attitude? Did I let Mr. Man know how special he is to me? Did I thank him for all he does for me and our children? Did I do something thoughtful for him today? Did I spend important time with each member of my family today? Did I teach my children at chore time today? Did I inspire their learning today? Did I smile today? Did I hold each of them and love on them? Did I get carried away in the tiny details that really don't matter? I have really been trying to focus on my attitude and my example! I am trying to remember my role as the nurturer and spiritual tone setter, for our home. (Don't know if "tone setter" is the right term for that, but it's all good!) I want to be an exceptional wife and mother! I have a lot of work to do! :)
When Mr. Man and I had our Master Plan meeting, last weekend, we talked about lots of things. One of them was priorities. We have a strong desire not to let meaningless tasks and little distractions get in the way of our priorities... our love for each other and for our children. We have a strong desire to keep our family vision, at the forefront of everything we do! (Our family vision is a beautiful picture of us celebrating Christmas together, 20 years from now! We have a vision of being happy and healthy, full of knowledge and having great discussions together! We have a vision of sharing pure joy together as a family!) We are actively pursuing the path that will lead to a glorious Christmas day for our family in 2030! It feels really good! Life should be lived intentionally! We have decided to plan for the ideal, and see how close we get to it! We have decided to make a plan for our lives, instead of just letting life happen to us! There is something really freeing about knowing that you are truly the keeper of your destiny! This is the way to find true joy and purpose for our lives as individuals and together as a family! I am so grateful that I am learning these things now, as a wife and a mother, so that my children will know about these wonderful tools that can help them have a purposeful life! I am excited that each new day is just that...a new day and a new start! Each new day, is part of the plan!

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