Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Moira, Larry and Inspiration!

Our son Wiggle Bug (4 yrs. old) said the funniest thing today! I told the kids that I would sit with them and read On The Shores of Silver Lake to them! Jace jumps up and down and says "Yay! I love Moira and Larry!" What he meant of course, was that he loves Laura and Mary! It was very cute and totally hilarious! We have been enjoying our readings of this wonderful series! I am so excited about all the life lessons my children are learning from these stories! Today, Snug-a-Bug (almost 7) was helping me unpack some books and sort them. We had a great little chat about some of the classic books that we have in our collection! I can see him getting excited to hear more stories, after we finish Little House. We talked about reading Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea, and we talked about reading Little Britches, which I KNOW he'll love! We also talked about journal writing, and talked about my 4th great grandfather! I told Snug-a-Bug that all of the great things we know about my grandfather, came from his and others' journals. He is excited to learn to write in his own journal, someday! I also came across a story that I had started writing when I was in high school, a fictitious story set in pioneer times. It was in my high school set of scriptures that I used when I went to seminary. Anyway, Snug-a-Bug wanted me to read it and so I did. When I was finished, he said "Yeah, and I'm going to write my own story someday!" Inspiring greatness is fun and rewarding! :D)

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