Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Twaddle, Purging and Laura and Mary

We recently moved. In fact, to be truthful, we are still moving. IT IS EXHAUSTING! But it is also a wonderful opportunity for a good purge of junk and twaddle! Twaddle is my new favorite word! Twaddle is the unimportant and distracting nonsense that can deter us from real truth and virtue! Our family vision includes none of it! So...I am ridding our home of twaddle! It's very liberating! It's completely awesome! It lifts the weight off of your shoulders and opens up opportunities for amazing growth and freedom! I love it! It makes me happy to be opening up so many doors for myself and our family! My new favorite quote is "The twaddle must go!" ( I made that up myself, you know! LOL ) We have purged our Core books down to only those that are classics that we will read again and again. (I would still like to find some better books than what we have, but that will come). I have watched my kids find more joy in their work and play, then I ever thought possible! We have less STUFF" than we have ever had before, and they are really happy! We have thrown away or donated so many items that have been cluttering up our minds and our home. We are paving the way for awesome learning experiences!
We finished reading On the Banks of Plum Creek (what my kids affectionately call "Laura and Mary"), today. We are ready to begin On the Shores of Silver Lake, tonight or tomorrow! These books are seriously AWESOME! I know that if I ever want to know how to make cheese or butter, build a cabin with a locking door latch, or cut ice from a frozen pond, I can look in these books to learn how! They are so detailed and thorough in their explanation of things, that your mind can't help but become enthralled in the stories! I highly recommend them! The kids LOVE them and talk about them all the time! Gannon has still been talking about wanting to learn to read! I can't wait to teach him! Zoie is right behind him! :D) Anyway...I suppose that's enough of an update for now! I will let you know how the purging goes!


  1. Tell me about the Twaddle you got rid of. Ü

    I'd like to read Little House books to my kids someday soon. Right now we're doing Magic Tree House and American Girl.

  2. Oh, and how are you liking your new place??

  3. You should read the Little House On the Prairie series! They are SO good and there are so many great lessons and morals in them! As far as twaddle is concerned, getting rid of it will look different for each family. As we have unpacked our things and moved in, we have had the opportunity to go through EVERYTHING, and get rid of things that are a waste of time and that either don't teach anything at all, or that teach the wrong things. For example, we have recently done a toy purge and gotten rid of batteries for battery powered toys (or have even gotten rid of many of the battery operated toys themselves, depending. For now, Gannon has some RC cars that he has kept, although he doesn't really choose to play with them.) We want our children to be the imagination behind a toy...not the toymaker. Lifeless toys will allow the kids to use their imaginations to put the life into a toy and turn it into whatever they wish. We got rid of a lot of things that are just taking up space in our house...trying to simplify more. We didn't have any Nintendo games or anything like that, but that would be considered twaddle. We had purged a lot of the movies we had, so that anything that was remotely inappropriate or a waste of time was thrown out. We used to have a movie night once a week and the kids always chose a Disney movie and then their play for the following week was always just them quoting the movie word for word and re-enacting it...endlessly. I felt like it diminished their imaginations, because every time they would play it was always a repeat of the same thing. We decided that weekly movie night was taking us backwards in our goals as a family, so now the only thing the kids watch on occasion are our Living Scripture Videos and only on a rare basis. This is what they choose to watch, not what we choose. We have just taken the Disney movies out of sight and they have done the rest.
    We LOVE our new house! Thanks for asking! :D) Pete will probably be getting those apple trees to you in the next week!