Wednesday, April 21, 2010

She's With Me

I stumbled onto this song one day about a week or two ago. It is written and performed by one of my all-time favorite country music artists, Collin Raye, and it's about his grand-daughter who has special needs. This is how I feel about my kiddo's, and in particular, about our youngest daughter. I hope that after all I can do, and after all the mercy I know the good Lord will extend to me, that I get a chance to enter His presence...because She's With Me.


  1. I love that people from all walks of life can feel this truth!

  2. I am confident that Heavenly Father shares our tender hearts toward these Special little ones! My thought is that you'll get to enter His presence because He loves you the way you love your children, and desire to share Forever together!! Sweet Share, Thank You!