Friday, February 12, 2010

Alright, here we go...again! :0)

This is a blog. This is only a blog. This is the blog that Ranee built. This is only a blog right now, but my hope is that it will become so much more! I hope it will become a sacred document of our family experiences, learning and growing together. :0) I have decided that it would be really great to have a place to record my many ramblings about our experiences using A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver and Rachel DeMille, to home school our family. So here it is! Ta-da! I know it doesn't seem impressive right now, but it will be! You see...we have a family vision! We have a vision of us all being at a family Christmas party 20 years from now, wearing bright smiling faces and having interesting conversations and lots of fun together! We have a family standard! Living by our family standard, will help us to reach our family vision! This is all so exciting and promising! We also have a family mission statement, which I'd like to share now:

"We, the *Our Last Name* Family, will stand together in love and unity as we build our eternal family. Using building blocks of trust, faith and knowledge, we are building a monument to The Lord. We know that we are children of our Heavenly Father, and we desire to return to Him with honor, someday. We have patience and wisdom in our relationships. We love and serve others. With our Heavenly Father's guidance and love, we can fulfill our life's missions."

It's so great to start our day with a pledge to our country and then to our family! Let me tell ya''s a beautiful thing! :0)

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